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 Welcome to OutFitness 

An inclusive fitness facility for all of your needs


The OutFitness Experience

This gym is dedicated to ensuring people are performing at their best, whether they are a first-time gym-goer, or a powerlifter looking for that competitive edge. We have a tight-knit community, based in allyship and diversity, that we use to foster a space of inclusivity and togetherness.


Sydney Young is a licensed physical therapist and uses a variety of hands-on techniques to promote recovery and reduce injuries. She is passionate about her athletes performing at a high level and uses dry needling, cupping, and other techniques to reduce pain, improve recovery times, and enhance performance.


Top Notch Facility

OutFitness is located in a 1-car garage in South Austin. We have all equipment necessary for a great, quality, full-body workout that meets the needs of any individual, along with a treatment table for our physical therapy clients.

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